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Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Guard & Gutter Repairs

Keeping your gutters clear and well maintained safeguards your property.

Residential, Shop Front & Business Window Cleaning Services

Professionally cleaned windows look fantastic – let us brighten your outlook today!

Exterior High-Pressure Cleaning

Renew tired surfaces and create a great impression for your home or business.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Getting the best energy performance from your clean solar panels.

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Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning & Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Right As Rain Complete Cleaning is not just a name, we offer complete cleaning services with a considered approach to preserve, maintain and rejuvenate your home and property. Hundreds of homes from the Tweed Heads area and beyond are employing our cleaning services to protect and preserve their investment. We specialise in servicing home owners directly, tailoring a service to their needs and budget. By bundling our cleaning services into a package and using efficient cleaning methods, you can afford to have more done for less. This leads to a more sustainable and livable home environment. At Right As Rain we have many clients who are amazed at how our cleaning services have radically changed the appearance of their home!


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Tweed Heads | Servicing Robina to Byron Bay

Right As Rain Complete Cleaning provide great value roof and gutter cleaning services. In most cases we can provide a quote over the phone by asking a few quick questions. We cover all aspects of gutter cleaning and you can rest easy knowing we leave no mess behind, bagging any gutter waste. When cleaning your gutter we use effective and efficient methods with streamlined gutter cleaning services. Pay less and get more than what our competitors can offer when it comes to gutter drain cleaning services!

Our gutter drain cleaning services will also protect your home from potential rainwater damage. When gutters are clogged, rainwater washes over their edges and runs down the house’s exterior walls. This can result in mould growth in your house’s interior as well as other water damage. And if rainwater collects around the house’s foundation, it can soften the concrete and cause cracks to form.

Find out why Tweed Heads is choosing us for roof and gutter cleaning services

Safe work practices: by using a harness and an anchor point we can safely access your roof and gutters. We also have a strong focus on ladder safety which is commonly overlooked in this industry.

Roof and gutter cleaning maintenance: We can check if your downpipes are flowing through.

Effective methods: If your downpipes are blocked we use a downpipe jetter attached to a high pressure cleaner to unblock debris that will not budge using a garden hose.

Detailed Assessments: We can check if your gutters are in good condition and provide minor gutter repairs and/or advice on how to fix a variety of common issues.

Througher Processes: We are a roof and gutter cleaning company that provides gutter cleans and gutter details. With a gutter detail we pressure clean the inside and outside of your gutters. Many of our clients who use their tank water for drinking water will employ our gutter detailing service.

Long term protection: We provide and install gutter guard at an affordable cost.

Reduce hazards: We can trim back branches that overhang your roof and create gutter debris.

Quality minor roof repairs: (for example replacing a broken roof tile) in conjunction with our roof and gutter cleaning services.

Many of our clients will have their gutters cleaned every 3 months, 6 months or annually. We also perform some of our other complete cleaning services at this time as part of a regular service schedule for their home and property. These extras can be rolled into a package deal at a discounted rate to cut down on your annual gutter cleaning cost. Right as Rain Complete Cleaning is one of the most reliable gutter cleaning companies in Tweed Heads. Let Right as Rain take care of your roof and gutter cleaning needs.

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Tweed Heads | Servicing Robina to Byron Bay

Regular window cleaning not only makes your home a comfortable and enjoyable place but also maintains the value of your home. Clean windows are also a positive reflection of a business to clients. Here at Right As Rain, we understand the importance of sparkling windows and strive to only give you the best solution.

We offer professional, reliable, and efficient window cleaning services from Tweed Heads to Byron Bay. Whether it’s commercial window cleaning or domestic window cleaning, we can transform your premises with sparkling windows.

We are committed to providing quality window cleaning services tailored to your needs. We offer both internal and external window cleaning for buildings up to 2 storey, including homes, offices, schools, health care facilities, and other premises.

Our aim is to offer quality workmanship and exceptional window cleaning services at an affordable price.

We are highly qualified and professional window cleaners with experience in both residential and commercial window cleaning. We are fully insured and well trained in all aspects of safety to ensure that they will safely clean your windows and give you peace of mind. You can be assured that we will send the window cleaners that are right for your building.

When it comes to window cleaning, don’t accept a substandard service, our team can provide unparalleled and professional service. We have specialised equipment and products to thoroughly clean even the toughest stains on windows, leaving your windows sparkling and streak free. Our efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solutions can remove smudges, fingerprints, streaks, dust, or layers of dirt, leaving your windows squeaky clean.

Whether you need a one-time window cleaning or a regular maintenance service, rest assured that Right as Rain will provide outstanding results every time. Let us take care of all your window cleaning needs.

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Tweed Heads | Servicing Robina to Byron Bay

Right As Rain offers a high-quality pressure washing and soft washing service. Whether you would like your driveway cleaned, your house washed down, your roof cleaned or any other exterior cleaning done we have the solutions to fit your needs!

Our focus is to preserve the integrity of any surface with our professional pressure washing service. When cleaning down a concrete driveway we can use higher pressure than if we were cleaning down painted weatherboards. To safely remove mould and grime from painted weatherboards we commonly use a chemical pre-treatment to loosen the grime before pressure cleaning as it will allow us to clean down this sensitive part of your home without damaging it. To illustrate – it is much better to soak a cooking pan overnight and lightly wipe it off the next day than to use an abrasive product to remove the grime and etch the surface.

When required we use heat and manual removal techniques as part of our property and house washing service, this provides a more effective and healthy clean. We can also provide a chemical free, or detergent only clean for clients who are looking to use an eco-friendly approach. Yes at a fraction of the cost of re-painting you can have your house and property looking like new!

We offer a good balance between price and quality with this service. See the amazing results we can achieve by using an alkaline chemical pre-treatment, followed by a degreasing detergent treatment then pressure washing (at the minimum pressure required)  and finally completed with a low-pressure rinse. In some instances after doing a small test patch in an unnoticeable spot we may see that even this process is too harsh on a delicate surface, in this situation we would use Softwash techniques that do not use any high pressure at all. With repeated chemical applications it is possible to clean a surface with the same low pressure that comes out of a garden tap. Please note that we try to avoid Softwashing when possible to reduce costs for our clients and reduce chemical usage which is better for our overheads and the environment.

Not only does Right As Rain clean off general mould, grime and oxidisation, we can also remove or at least significantly reduce oil stains and rust stains on your home and property with specialised chemicals that draw out the stain. 

With Right as Rain, you get to enjoy the expertise offered by our skilled crews at a friendly price, whether its roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, or any other surface around your property. We will remove stains, grime, and residue and leave your surfaces looking beautiful and shiny.

Another notable aspect of our service is our highly professional customer service. Our cleaning experts always maintain professionalism while working at your premises and take care of your property in the best way possible. So, why go through the trouble of renting bulky equipment or risk damaging your property? Just contact qualified professionals at Right as Rain. Whether it’s roof cleaning, house washing, pathway cleaning, or any other surface, we will exceed your expectations.

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Tweed Heads | Servicing Robina to Byron Bay

As part of our exterior cleaning service we can safely and effectively clean your solar panels. Cleaning rooftop solar panels involves using water on a roof, which is a dangerous job for the home owner who doesn’t have the correct specialised equipment. Also solar panels are delicate and have sensitive electrics, so the Right As Rain team only use methods that employ minimal abrasion to the solar panel glass and are not harmful to the electrics underneath.

Solar panels are exposed to the elements 24/7. Just imagine if you never cleaned the windows on your car for an entire year how dirty they would be. The same thing happens to your solar and hot water systems that become progressively covered in dust, grime and moss over time.

Generally speaking solar panels require cleaning every 6 to 12 months. Although if large trees are overhanging your solar you may need to clean them more often as leaf fall, bird droppings and increased shade (shade will extend the period of time they remain wet during morning dew and after rain which fosters mould growth) will cause more grime to build up faster.

Protect your investment and increase the savings on your energy bill by using our affordable solar panel cleaning service with a smile.

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All types of gutter maintenance for all types of homes

Gutter cleaning is an important aspect of home maintenance. Besides looking messy and unkept, blocked gutters and downpipes can cause leaks in the adjacent ceiling, rust out gutters, cause underground blockages and create drip marks on decks and other surfaces. If you rely on water tanks for drinking water it is important to have mud and mould free gutters for water quality. At Right As Rain we clear your gutters and downpipes and clean up any mess left over. That’s our guarantee. We also clean water tank filters and identify issues with your roof or gutters to give you peace of mind. We work up to 3 story’s high and can work off a harness. In addition to gutter cleaning we also provide gutter guard. Our experience in the industry helps us provide you with product options that will meet your budget and expectations.

Window Cleaning Tweed Heads

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Our window cleaning services can include interior and exterior window cleaning, window tracks and surround cleaning, fly screen cleaning and fly screen replacement. For a clean, streak free finish Right As Rain leaves your windows squeaky clean, allowing more sunlight into your home. Did you know that ultra violet rays from the sun kill mould and bacteria? Cleaning your windows wont only look good but will make you feel better too! Fly screens become dusty so we clean them to ensure air entering your home isn’t covered in dust and helping you breathe easier. Then watch your windows slide gracefully after we clean out your window tracks. As mentioned above we can also provide fly screen replacement.

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Do you need a house wash?

Pressure Cleaning Tweed Heads

Living anywhere on Gold Coast to Byron Bay you find the heat and humidity creates a breeding ground for mould. Mould detracts from the look of your property and it may cause further issues inside your home. Professional high-pressure cleaning is an effective solution. Our high pressure washing services can include roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, driveway cleaning, pressure cleaning pathways & cement, cleaning pool fencing, house washing and more. We use a powerful commercial grade pressure cleaner to quickly and safely remove any mould and residue growing on your house or other property. When we need to remove mould from more stubborn areas we use an environmentally friendly, non-toxic spray beforehand for the optimal finish that lasts.

Client Testimonials

“Laura did such an amazing job at our place! Very trustworthy and great service. We will be having her come through our place regularly.”
A Orourke - Tweed Heads

“Enthusiastic and I can’t recommend her cleaning skills highly enough and the fact that she uses her own equipment and eco cleaning products, so happy all round and I’m not easy to please.”

R Rehfisch - Tweed Heads

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