Previously ‘Allergic To Life’ considered the health benefits of ultrasonic diffusers. We looked into why you would choose an ultrasonic diffuser over an essential oil burner. When it comes to air purification there is no right answer, it often comes down to a consideration of the alternatives, your budget, your sensitivities and your personal preferences. In this article we will consider another challenger, fighting it out for air quality supremacy is the Nebulising Essential Oil Diffuser.


How do nebulising diffusers work? Explaining the complicated process that nebulisers use to release a fine mist of pure essential oils is about as exciting as watching grass grow. What you as the potential consumer need to know is that unlike Essential Oil Burners and Ultrasonic Diffusers Nebulising Diffusers use undiluted essential oils. For an explanation of what essential oils are and some examples of them read my blog on essential oil burners. Basically you pour pure essential oils goes in and when you turn it on a fine vapour of pure essential oils comes out.


Nebulising Diffusers use no water. This is great for those in humid climates as other types of diffusers will increase the humidity in the air creating an environment conducive to mould and bacteria growth. On the downside no water means no ionising effects. Out of the diffusers we have considered Ultrasonic diffusers are the best for ridding a room of allergens, bacteria and pollutants, Essential Oil burners second and Nebulising diffusers last.


Another name for Nebulising Diffusers is Aromatherapy Diffusers. Other types of diffusers use watered down essential oils, but the purest, most effective way of receiving the beneficial effects from essential oils is with Nebulising Diffusers. This may not be a fountain of youth but it is good to know that you are receiving the complete therapeutic effects of the essential oils you decide to use. You may be worrying that Nebulising Diffusers will cost a lot more to run than an Ultrasonic Diffuser but the extra essential oils used by Nebulising Diffusers are offset by the lower electricity costs of this energy efficient air purifying system.


In the next article we will consider Air Quality In The Bedroom from the perspective of someone living in a hot, humid environment.