“Why would you invest your hard earned money on a flamin’ $6 loaf of gluten free bread???!?!?” Despite
what penny wise old Uncle Roger might say there are good reasons to take care of yourself. Sure Uncle
Roger may have saved a nickel or two in his time but maybe he wouldn’t be so grumpy and tired all the time if he actually took care of himself! Many investments come with risks but investing money in your health and well being is a good way of taking care of yourself, and by taking care of yourself you will be healthier and that will help you to earn more money so that you can pay for food, drink and other products that help you take care of yourself… It is a self-perpetuating process.

Look at it this way. John and Paul both have problems sleeping and they both contract colds regularly.John’s attitude is that since he gets always gets sick and is often tired he should take an indoor job. This exposes John to poor air quality and an air conditioner that makes sure any germs or colds are shared to all corners of his office, further weakening his already lowered immune system. He struggles to raise the ranks in his business because his health lowers his ability to concentrate over long periods of time and he takes more days off than his co-workers.

Whereas Paul decides to take a few measures to improve his health. He spends more money on healthier food, he also works to identify the causes of his sleep problems and his troubled immune system. With this newfound energy he can take on more physically/mentally demanding work which helps him to earn back the money he spends on health products plus extra money to raise his standard of living.

This might not always work for everyone. Everyone has to evaluate the pros and cons of health spending. Most likely you can’t afford to buy all organic food and you may not always find time to go to the gym 3 times a week. You may not be able to afford to live on a pacific island with a chef cooking all of your meals and having servants pampering to your every need. But taking an interest in your health and well-being shouldn’t be considered weird, or selfish, or pointless. It should be viewed as a wise choice that anyone in his or her right mind would make.