Following on from lasts weeks article – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!! discussing the pros and cons of living close to the ocean, this week we will consider other climatic factors that affects your families’ home.


Further inland there is a wider variety of conditions than in coastal areas. The Northern Rivers/Gold Coast region enjoys beautiful rainforest areas like Springbrook and Mt Warning. These mountainous regions enjoy high rainfall. This is due to what is called the ‘Orographic Effect’.


The Aboriginal name for Mt Warning is Wollumbin which means ‘Cloud Catcher’ which makes sense as the Orographic effect is especially prevalent in this area.


What is the Orthographic Effect? And how does it affect our region?


The Northern Rivers/Gold Coast region is in an area that benefits from “Trade Winds”. This is wind that comes from the Pacific Ocean in the East flowing Westerly and North Westerly towards Australia. This wind carries clouds and moist air towards land. In coastal areas there is high rainfall. As this moist air moves inland it hits the Great Dividing Range. These mountains act like a roadblock for this moist air. It forces the air to gain altitude where it is colder. The colder air converts this moist air into clouds which then rain over the mountainous region of The Great Dividing Range. Once this wind coming towards Australia from the Pacific Ocean passes over the Great Dividing Range a large amount of its moisture is removed by the rain, causing the inland side of the range to be drier than the coastal side. Houses situated on the plain west of the range will tend to experience drought and low rainfall more frequently. They will be less susceptible to mould than the rainforest covered mountainous region but more susceptible to dust and pollen allergens.


Regular cleaning of the interior of the home, (vacuuming, dusting, etc…) air conditioners and diffusers that filter the air and fly screens with a small aperture to block dust are good measures to keep in mind especially in an arid environment. Have a look at:

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