Have you ever enjoy a good glass of wine among friends? The atmosphere is warm and inviting as you enjoy the aroma and taste of the wine. But you know that if you keep drinking you will become intoxicated.

Likewise breathing in intoxicating petrochemicals into your lungs has never smelt so good with paraffin based candles. With these common candles what you smell is basically just a lavender scented bi-product of crude oil. In fact these candles release similar fumes to a diesel engine.

This isn’t to say that candles are the devil. Like most things off the shelf there is a natural organic alternative. In fact there is probably no end to a list of what candles can be made from. We learned that ogres form candles, wick and all out of earwax from the informative animated documentary Shrek.

Beeswax candles are about as natural as it gets. Not only will you be breathing in less of the bad stuff but you will also benefit from the ionizing effects of beeswax candles. When you are looking out for beeswax candles it is best to check what they are made from, ideally 100% beeswax is what you want.

In our next article we will look further into how ionized air removes impurities from our airways and relieves allergies.