Window Cleaning

We offer the following services…

  • interior and exterior window cleaning
  • window tracks and surround cleaning
  • fly screen cleaning
  • fly screen replacement

For a clean, streak free finish Right As Rain leaves your windows squeaky clean, allowing more sunlight into your home.

Did you know that ultra violet rays from the sun kill mould and bacteria? Cleaning your windows wont only look good but will make you feel better too!

Fly screens become dusty so we clean them to ensure air entering your home isn’t covered in dust and helping you breathe easier.

…Then watch your windows slide gracefully after we clean out your window tracks.

We also provide fly screen replacement service for allergy sufferers.
You may be familiar with traditional fly screens (see picture below) but now there are fly screens available that block up to 99.7% of dust and pollen.


Right As Rain installs Pollen Guard fly screens to create a barrier between your indoor environment and your outdoor environment. (read more at

There are two main choices of pollen guard fly screens to protect against allergies:

1. Trittec 4 Plus Pollen Screen

Prevents an average of 86.2% of pollen from entering the home without much loss in sunlight permeability and air flow

2. Poll-Tex Pollen and Dust Protection Screen

– 99.7% Of Birch Tree Pollen
– 93.1% of Stingy Nettle Tree Pollen
– 90.9% of Ragweed Pollen.
– 100% of Grass Pollen
and highly protective against all other Pollen

Poll-Tex is state of the art for allergy protection but more significant loss in air flow and sunlight with than with the Trittec 4 Plus option.


With any fly screen it is advisable to clean with a micro-fibre cloth every 3 to 6 months. Right As Rain window cleaning also clean fly screens as part of our service.

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