Gutter Cleaning

“Give me a home among the gum trees” as long as you get Right As Rain to clean them!

Gutter cleaning is an important aspect of home maintenance. Besides looking messy and unkept, blocked gutters and downpipes can cause leaks in the adjacent ceiling, rust out gutters, cause underground blockages and create drip marks on decks and other surfaces. If you rely on water tanks for drinking water it is important to have mud and mould free gutters for water quality.

At Right As Rain we clear your gutters and downpipes and clean up any mess left over. That’s our guarantee. We also clean water tank filters and identify issues with your roof or gutters to give you peace of mind.

We work up to 3 story’s high and can work off a harness.

In addition to gutter cleaning we also provide gutter guard. Our experience in the industry helps us provide you with product options that will meet your budget and expectations.


We can provide gutter mesh available at cut price. Perfect for preventing your downpipes from getting blocked. We place gutter mesh at the top of downpipes and across gutters as shown. It will help extend the time between gutter cleans to an extent. Typical cost for a three bedroom house is around $75.





On tiled roofs we recommend cylindrical brush type gutter guard. It sits in the gutter as leaves fly over it, hardly any green waste will be able to fall inside the gutter itself. Go three to 4 times longer between cleaning your gutters with brush type gutter guard.





On tin/corrugated iron roofs we offer screw attached gutter mesh. This highly effective preventative measure will mean your gutters will typically not need attention for five years at a time. It follows the corrugations meaning leaf matter will be unable to penetrate into the gutter itself. When it comes to gutter guard you cant go past this system, perfect for houses surrounded by foliage, over time mud will eventually build up in the gutter that will require cleaning.

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