About Us


Right as Rain is a business that has developed from the need for an all in one home maintenance and cleaning service in our area. From Brisbane to Byron we offer professional grade window cleaning, pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning and closer to home (typically between Tweed Heads and Byron Bay) we also offer great value domestic cleaning services.

 Our pressure cleaning service offers a quality job with brilliant results. Reinforced by chemicals and detergents our pressure cleaning can remove stubborn mould, stains and algae. The results are often comparable to a re-paint.

 Our cut-price gutter cleaning service is good value for money. With powerful blower vacs we clean out gutters efficiently and effectively.  We ensure your down pipes are clear, remove all the waste from your gutters to be taken off site, and clean up any mess we may make. We also offer a free visual roof check while we are up on the roof and are able to fix leaking gutters and other minor roof damage. Our prices are much lower then what many other gutter cleaning and roofing companies would charge, so save hundreds on your ongoing roof and gutter maintenance and call us now!

 Our window cleaning service is very beneficial for our clients. Many do not realise just how dirty their windows are until they have been cleaned. With such a noticeable difference, cleaner windows not only provide cosmetic benefits but also make your home a healthier environment. In addition, we offer window track cleaning and fly screen replacement, which also improves the air quality of your home.

Our trustworthy domestic cleaner Laura Cambridge offers a top quality service for her clients. She provides all her own cleaning products with the options of hospital grade, domestic grade or eco-friendly cleaning products as part of an excellent hourly rate. With an eye for detail, her services are a good helping hand for those who struggle to keep on top of their housework with their busy lives or physical limitations. Many people have expressed their relief at finally finding a good value, hard working cleaner with Right As Rain.

 Right As Rain will continue to maintain homes for years to come. Our clients are able to afford to have more done for less. They can enjoy the security of knowing that they have a good roof over their heads and a cleaner home that is healthier to live in.